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Why do I need RRA?

The Joint Commission has listed medical record documentation as one of the top standards in noncompliance. They suggest conducting concurrent chart reviews to ensure compliance. Utilizing RRA will help comply with this standard and will remove the stress out of coordinating concurrent audits. In addition, you will have the assurance that your review data is accurate and timely.

How many PC’s can I put the RRA software on?

With the purchase of a site license, facilities are able to place RRA on as many PCs within one facility as they need in order to accomplish their review process.

What if I need to add more PCs?

If your facility purchased a site license, you may add PCs as needed. There is no need to contact us to purchase an additional license. If your facility purchased a single workstation license, then you can purchase each additional single license for a nominal fee.

Can other departments use RRA too?

Most definitely. RRA can be utilized for any review that requires Yes, No, N/A answers. Many Quality and Risk departments utilize our software to manage their review data.

Can I build my own review forms?

Yes. RRA comes preloaded with template review forms that can be used as is, or modified. You can also build your own new review forms quickly and easily.

Any limits on how many review forms can be in the system?

There are no limits to how many review forms can be built and housed in RRA.

How do I get started designing review forms?

You can modify the templates that come with the system, or you can build your own forms. After naming your review form, enter your criteria number. If the criteria number is already utilized within the system, the other fields will fill in automatically. If not, simply type the criteria you want reviewed. You will set your answer for the criteria and you can begin reviewing records at this point.

Why should I purchase annual maintenance/support for RRA?

Included in the annual maintenance/support of RRA is technical support by phone and e-mail, as well as all version upgrades. Most companies charge extra for system upgrades.

I need to show data in different ways, can I do that?

Yes. Our reports are very flexible. You are able to drill data down to criteria, review type, caregiver, medical staff levels and more. Reports can be made as generic or as specific as needed.

Is training included?

Yes, and because our system is easy to use, training is simple. Training is included with your annual maintenance, so if additional follow ups are needed in the future, no problem.

I need to protect the physician’s privacy; can that be done with your reports?

Yes. You have the option to generate reports showing the physician’s caregiver ID number, or their name.

What is the pricing structure?

When initially purchasing RRA, there is a one-time license fee. Other than that, the only additional cost would be the optional annual maintenance/support. For exact pricing please contact us.

We have an EMR, can we use RRA?

Yes. You can split screen RRA with your EMR so you can review the record while viewing it on the same screen.

How do we get our physicians entered into the system?

There is an import feature to quickly and easily load your physicians into the system.

How can we track an ancillary department’s data?

Ancillary departments are able to be loaded into the system as caregivers. Once they are loaded, you can capture data on those departments.

Can I set a user up to just enter review data, nothing else?

Yes. User access can be given on a need to know/access basis. You can limit users to just enter review data.

How easy is it to enter data into the system?

Data is easily entered into RRA. Users only have to change answers that are incorrect, since the correct answers are set as defaults. Answers are changed by pressing a single key. Quick and easy!

Should I choose Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition?

Both products are great, and provide the same basic functions. The Enterprise Edition has in addition a Microsoft SQL Server database, audit logging, and a dashboard showing key system statistics. The Standard Edition uses an Microsoft Access database, and works well for small and medium sized facilities. Click here for more details.

I need to provide a security audit on all software systems. Is there a way to do this easily with RRA?

Enterprise Edition comes with a configurable audit logging feature which shows which users have performed what tasks.

How is the data within RRA protected?

Each user has a unique user ID and password. The password is encrypted in the system, and there are a set of configurable password policies that can be enabled by your system administrator.