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Enterprise Vs. Standard Edition

There are two versions of Record Review Assistant, the Standard Edition and the Enterprise Edition. Both products will help improve your facility’s medical record documentation.

Here are some points to help decide which product is right for your facility:

Enterprise Edition

Large facility with great amounts of review data

IT departments that prefer a SQL Server solution

Facilities that want transaction based user auditing

Need to see key statistics at a glance

Standard Edition

More economical

Simple database deployment

Smaller number of users utilizing the system

The Enterprise Edition has the following additional features when compared to the Standard Edition:

SQL Server Database – The Enterprise Edition runs on a SQL Server Database. A SQL Server database is a high performance and robust data repository. SQL Server is preferred by most IT personnel because of its reliability and management capabilities. The Standard Edition runs on a Microsoft Access database. Access is a tried and true database that is simple to deploy and maintain.

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Audit Logging – The Enterprise Edition provides an audit log to track each user’s transactions within the software. Which types of transactions are recorded is configurable. Up to ninety days of transactions are saved in the system and data can be viewed and stored to a separate file.

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System Information Dashboard – The main screen of Enterprise Edition provides a dashboard to view various system statistics, and to quickly see the status of the medical record review process. Statistics can be configured to look back from 1 to 30 days. Information available includes Number of reviews performed, Top noncompliant caregiver and more.

Report Templates – Save favorite report templates. Simply build the report and identify it with a name. Each time the report needs to be generated select the template and change the time period.

Please click here for a complete listing of the shared features and benefits of both versions