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Why Choose Record Review Assistant:

Simple, Fast Data Creation

Create reviews, generate reports and share the results simply and easily.

Repeat Customers

Many of our customers have purchased RRA at each step in their careers.

Educate Caregivers

RRA educational letters help correct medical record documentation issues.

Budget Friendly and a Great Value

Affordable pricing structure, plus great customer service.

Regulatory Readiness

Demonstrate documentation compliance with easy customizable reports. The Joint Commission lists medical record documentation as one of the top standards in noncompliance.

Proven Track Record

RRA has been in use, and continually improved, since 1998.

What users are saying:

"We LOVE the product and just had our accreditation survey and they LOVED it and wanted info to share with other hospitals as a “best practice”."

Lisa Lieber, RHIA
Director, Administrative Services
Harrison County Hospital

"The RRA software has drastically improved our medical record review process. It allows for a consistent, structured review tool to be utilized throughout the hospital. The reporting mechanisms are user friendly and appropriate to the data I need to report. The educational letters are also extremely helpful. We have utilized these for nursing as well as physician and allied health practitioners."

Gretchen Catlett, RHIT
HIM Manager
BAPTIST Hospital East/Northeast

"RRA has proven to be a huge time saver in the collection of medical record documentation data. It enabled us to conduct concurrent reviews and discharge reviews. … It is so easy to add or remove reviewers as well as criteria for the reviews. It is easy to train new staff to use the software. In fact, it only takes a few minutes. Nurses on the units utilize it for concurrent reviews and QA staff do most of the discharge reviews. We even use it to collect special study criteria or other traditional QA criteria. All in all, RRA is a flexible and user friendly data collection tool."

Debbie Lynch, RHIA
HIM Director
Good Samaritan Medical Center

"We have implemented the program across all of our campuses and are using to collect data regarding our compliance with not only medical record content, but other Joint Commission related standards such as Provision of Care, Medication Management, Rights and Responsibilities compliance. We also are using the product to perform concurrent review for several of our disease specific certifications such as chest pain certification and orthopedic certification."

Kelly Henry, MS, RHIT, CPHQ
Director, Regulatory Preparedness/ Special Projects
Riddle Memorial Hospital Media, PA

"This is not the first time that I have turned to Unlimited Technologies for audit programs. Several years ago, we used the same program in Madera, CA, when I was Director at Madera Community Hospital. The program worked so well for us there, I pushed for the same program when I arrived in San Ramon. We appreciate RRA for its versatility in report production, variety of report formats and its reasonable cost. Additionally, the personalized service that we receive from every member of the Unlimited Technologies, Inc. staff is par none. We could not operate without it. "

Helynn M. Pierce, RHIA, BSBM, MAOM
Director, Health Information Management
San Ramon Regional Medical Center

"We used to be a "manual" process, which encompassed much time and effort. The reports section is extremely user friendly. I have also opened up the reporting functionality to the RN managers so that they can run reports for their PI meetings. It also serves as a tool in which we monitor our compliance with JC issues."

Kristin Pruett, RHIT
HIM Director
Brookwood Medical Center

"I think Record Review Assistant is an awesome tool. It saves a tremendous amount of time for the organization. I love that it takes seconds to run a report and it will do letters to members of the medical staff in seconds. I used to spend hours counting and calculating to create a report for presentation and now I don’t even think about it."

Esta Lynn Farmer, RHIA, CHPS, CCS
Director, Health Information Management
Compliance Officer
Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

"From my perspective having come from the paper world, it streamlines the review process by not having to gather large groups of people together with medical records spread out all over the tables. Different people can access the records at any time electronically and complete the custom review forms for their respective area at their leisure."

Ronnie Hawks, RHIA
Director, HIMS & Privacy Officer
Hardin Memorial Hospital

"I was so happy when we were able to start the use of RRA for our clinical reviews. I have been hand counting our reviews for over ten years. The reports I am able to generate from our data make my job so much easier. RRA also saves time, it is easy to use and data entry moves quickly. RRA makes my monthly reviews much easier to manage in a efficient and timely manner!"

Cheryl Culkin RN
Clinical Nurse Reviewer
Riverside Walter Reed Hospital

"Before RRA, we did reviews manually and then manually entered the data into a home-grown spreadsheet, having data at the unit and hospital level only. With RRA, I can drill down to the standard level and show trends/opportunities for improvement within units or across many units. I would never go back to the manual process! "

Mary McKay, MS, RN, CPHQ, CSHA
System Director, Regulatory Affairs & Nursing Quality
Main Line Health

"I have used the RRA for several years and am totally impressed with this product. I had it at another facility so when I arrived at my current hospital and discovered there was another product in place, I immediately went to my CFO and asked for the RRA. This product is very user friendly and the reports are so easy to read. … What really sold my CFO was that the price to purchase as well as the annual support fee was so much lower than what we were using at that time. The support I get from Unlimited Technologies, Inc. is fantastic. When I have any questions at all, I put in a call or send an e-mail and I get a very prompt response. I couldn't be more pleased with this product and I have recommended it to my peers."

Kay Woinarowicz,
RHIT, Director, HIS
Fountain Valley Regional Hospital

"The RRA application is a tremendous tool in aggregating data. With the reports generated by this application we are able to provide hospital leadership with valuable information needed to increase patient outcomes. As a HIM Manager RRA has been an invaluable tool for eliminating the arduous manual task of calculating data collected for Medical Record Review results."

Tanya Kuehnast, MA, RHIA, CHPS
Corporate Director HIM/Chief Privacy Officer
Health First

"The Record Review Assistant has given our Health System the capability of monitoring Joint Commission standards and also the ability to report compliance on each facility or by individual areas. This has improved our overall documentation and Joint Commission compliance."

Melissa Myrick, M.S.A., R.H.I.A.
Director, Health Information Management
BayCare Health System

"I have found the Record Review Assistant software to be a valuable tool when aggregating facility reports. It is easy to use and we are able to get meaningful data in a concise understandable format. The more we utilize the program the more uses we find for it."

Cynthia Kean, RHIT, CCS
HIM Director/FPO
JFK Medical Center

"I have been a user of RRA for nearly 12 years. This is a very friendly software to conduct our on-going chart reviews. We have it set up on many desktops throughout our organization for many teams to use for their on-going quality improvement reviews. The program allows easy access, easy data trending report for easy data analysis.

Our entire nursing department began using it many years ago and love it. RRA has made the tedious work of calculating results of on-going audits to an easy to use, easy to do and report function.

Thank you RRA!"

Nilda Dunstall, RHIT, CPHQ
Director, HIM & Case Mgmt
Florida Hospital Heartland